Dr. Miller an associate minister at The Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. William E. Flippin, Sr. is the senior pastor. Dr. Miller was licensed on April 26, 1995 and later ordained February 15, 1998, under Dr. Flippin’s tutelage.

Dr. Miller’s mission: to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and to equip/encourage the saints through drama, preaching, teaching, and interpreting God’s Word.

She finds a variety of venues in which to fulfill her mission. Her ministry opportunities come in a variety of forms:

  • Preaching
  • Performing weddings
  • Leading women’s and youth services
  • Speaking at retreats and workshops
  • Counseling pre-marital couples, troubled teens, young adults, unwed mothers, people with addictions, etc.
  • Teaching and interpreting incarcerated deaf women.

Dr. Miller’s father’s preaching ministry influenced her own preaching style. “My father often spoke of hell,” she relates. “He told all fifteen of his children God has a place for the unsaved and disobedient.” Dr. Miller was preaching a sermon at her home church and admonished the people, “I can hear my daddy telling us: Hell is a real place – you don’t want to go there.” The congregation responded and 22 people came forward for salvation. Joyce says, “Some people may call it ‘fire insurance,’ but I don’t care what you call it. I just want people to come to know Jesus.”

Dr. Miller’s passion for working with women prisoners leads her to several jails in the Atlanta metropolitan area as well as the state penitentiary. She tells of one inmate who is serving 30 years. Dr. Miller began to witness to this woman who had no church experience. The woman did not understand the concept of sin or salvation. She asked Joyce why others in the church service would ‘shout’ with joy. As Joyce began to explain God’s plan for humanity, the inmate came into an understanding of her need for a Savior. Now when Joyce visits the same woman in prison, she gives testimony of God’s work in her life. “I’m forgiven for what I’ve done,” the prisoner declares. Now she experiences God’s presence in her life and loves to ‘shout’ for joy as she feels His power.

Joyce’s daily prayer is, “God, how will you use me today?” He leads her to volunteer her time to care for elderly people in her family and in the community. She follows the example of Jesus and humbles herself to help those who cannot help themselves. She has been known to brush the teeth of an invalid and prepare food for the infirmed. He has lead her to shovel mud out of a hurricane victim’s home, give out tracts at local malls, put her arms around a child in tears, and so much more. Her heart’s cry is “Father, I have received much; let me freely give to others.”